Community Active Living Presentation



Active Living is a way of life which incorporates physical activity into everyday routine.  We have developed this downloadable presentation for Texans – advocates, practitioners, and policy makers. Use it in your community to help become an active living community – one that provide opportunities for regular, daily physical activity through the built environment and policy changes.path-park.jpg

You are encouraged to download this PDF presentation for use in your own community.  The presentation may be used for a variety of purposes:

  • to raise awareness of the obesity issue and solutions through design for active living
  • to support changes which create an active living environment
  • to inform officials of the benefits of design for active living
  • to promote further research and investment in active living

The presentation includes a script that we suggest to use along with the slides.

This PowerPoint presentation was developed through a collaborative process involving the Steering Committee members of the Texas Active Living Network. It was presented for audience critique and comment at the 2010 Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference, held February 3-6, 2010 in Austin, Texas. Those comments were incorporated and the presentation is now ready for your use.

We encourage you to add an introductory slide where you can insert the contact information for your own organization.